Executive Protection

Peace of mind to focus on what you do best

Black Box Security (BBX) specializes in the different types of security needs of high-profile clients.  Our commitment is to create a safe, secure and stress-free environment that allows our clients to run their businesses, life and professional responsibilities without interruption.  Our agents are trained for assimilating into various changing environments. They possess the necessary skills to provide executive protection in an undercover fashion while performing counter-surveillance operations, or to deliver executive protection in an overt fashion to deter potential threats in any environment. We work with high profile musicians on world tours, actors on and off set, safeguard public speeches, escort VIP’s and their families on business and leisure trips, and safeguard against kidnapping in remote locations.

Our agents are tactically trained in handling paparazzi, stalkers, and other similar threats. Our agents come from diverse military and Special Forces backgrounds such as Israeli Security Agency (SHIN BET), Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and Navy Seals.  This unique combination of different backgrounds and trainings ensures that our agents have the capacity to quickly adapt to any culture, apply their knowledge and experience to various situations, and protect our clients against any threat in all environments.

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