Military by mind, your safety by heart

About Us

BBX is a fully insured and licensed global security provider. Our team brings over 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of security and defense. We use an internally developed, highly detail-oriented methodology as the basis of our security solutions, which we also teach to security specialists and agencies from around the world.
Our team is comprised of elite security experts and each member is equipped with a diverse background and capability. As a team, this enables us to be functional and dynamic, and utilize our knowledge of environmental terrains, regional geopolitical climates, and changing circumstances on the ground to ensure we are never caught off-guard and are able to quickly adapt to any private or public environment.
Over the past decade we have created a vast global network of vetted connections with leading transportation, security, logistics, and equipment companies to ensure that our clients are protected and covered in case of an emergency regardless of their location around the world.
We are able to tailor comprehensive security solutions and are committed to deliver meticulously detailed, practical, and effective services. We look forward to discussing your needs.


Mr. Yemini has established a new standard in the security industry; he has evolved Black Box Security into one of the most respected companies for executive protection, residential security, international travel, and high-profile events. His background in the Israeli Special Forces, conjoined with years of consulting, strategic investigations, and travel team management, contributed to the development of unique skill set, which insures that all operations of Black Box Security are executed and in a way, that is tailored to each client individually. Mr. Yemini has over 20 years of hands-on experience. He has operated, trained, and managed elite security teams for his clientele worldwide for various projects. Mr. Yemini has personally advanced, planned, and led security details in over 30 countries creating an instrumental network of the top professional contacts in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. His non-compromising approach to security is set to ensure the highest level of protection for both domestic and international locations. The unique skill set he acquired in the army and high ethical standards led to his emergence as a leading authority on discrete operations for high-profile celebrities, executives, ministers, and foreign diplomats. His extensive experience in executive protection details for various clients worldwide and his specialty in executing details in high conflict areas assures that with today’s increasing need for security each client will be met with the highest standard of service.