Black Box Security Executive Protection

Executive Protection
Regardless of scope, scale and complexity BBX AGENTS have an undisputable capability to deliver. With our innovative concepts, we are able to tailor comprehensive security solutions. Our agents have been trained in assimilating into various environments and can provide protection services in an undercover fashion while performing counter-surveillance operations. We deliver the same high quality services in an overt fashion to deter potential threats. When choosing to work with a BBX AGENT you obtain a qualified expert with real world experience, capable in handling paparazzi, stalkers, and specific threats. Based on a BBX RISK ASSESSMENT, our agents will undergo a client tailored training to meet YOUR security needs.
International Travel
BBX focuses on developing, arranging, and executing comprehensive protection strategies for our clients and their families regardless of the destination. We handle security for business travel, personal appearances, press junkets as well as family vacations. We will ensure your itinerary runs smoothly and efficiently, by conducting extensive advance work in each location and planning for any contingency.
High Profile Events
Our DETAIL ORIENTED approach to security is set to ensure a high level of protection for any event. We have provided and consulted on events in both domestic and international locations. By choosing BBX SERVICE for your event, you benefit from years of strategic and logistic planning. BBX understands the complexities and uniqueness that accompany high profile events, and knows that when it comes to events, there is only one shot to get the job done right.
Film/Photo Shoots
BBX provides talent protection on sets, shoots and locations. Additionally, we consult on set security needs, and strategic placement of AGENTS. Whether in a studio, private or public location, we have a proven track record of effectively safeguarding sets and keeping locations secure while dealing efficiently with on-site challenges, changes, and crowd control.
Investigation Services
BBX offers surveillance services facilitated by our expert LICENSED private investigators. We offer a variety of services such as: gathering information regarding background, character, reputation, criminal history, and the financial status of individuals and companies. We implement and arrange surveillance operations anywhere anytime on behalf of our clients.
Residential Security
BBX offers a variety of security services for private residences including security systems, posting BBX AGENTS on premises, and safeguarding your property and/or assets. All security plans are based on a RISK ANALYSIS of your needs and requirements. Our MISSION is to provide complete protection without being invasive and interfering with our client’s private life.
Risk Assessment
BBX performs a comprehensive RISK ANALYSIS of individuals, companies, and locations. We perform extended surveys of clients’ homes and work environments, conduct a thorough risk and threat assessment of their families, and put in place the best security solution to safeguard from potential threats. The BBX TEAM has years of counter intelligence operations allowing us to assess known threats and areas of potential security breaches.
BBX AGENTS undergo constant mandatory training using methods practiced by Israeli security forces, and touches on various security settings and techniques. We also customize training with specific client in mind and train our agents according to a specific RISK ASSESSMENT of that client’s needs, threats, and challenges. BBX will DEVELOP, TRAIN and provide you with a team skilled especially to meet your needs – that’s the BBX DIFFERENCE.

Civilian Safety and Security Course

Dates of the next training course will be confirmed soon.